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Our LocationMlango Mmoja Area, Mwanza, Tanzania


  1. To conduct training programmes, undertake Research, and offer Consultancy services in matters relating to Business, Community Development and Cross-cutting issues for social and economic development either on its own, or in collaboration with other colleges, universities, institutions or persons.
  2. Acquire property, movable and immovable and to take , accept and hold any property which may become vested in it by way of purchase, exchange, grant, donation, lease, lease, license, hire out or otherwise dispose of any property held by it
  3. To barrow money for any purpose deemed fit by the governing Board and to invest in land or securities such funds as may be vested in it for the purpose of endowment, whether for the general or special purpose or such other funds as may not be immediately required for current expenditure.
  4. To offer capacity building and consultancy service to academic institutions, NGOs, CBOs, MFIs, Government Departments, UN Agencies, business operations.
  5. To carry out any other legal activity that is incidental or conducive to the attainment of the vision and mission of the College (CoYETa).